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It is a ground tank with a capacity of 10,000 cubic meters with a depth of 8 meters of reinforced concrete with entry, exit and washing rooms
Electromechanical works consisting of flow control valves, air valves and pressure relief

Opening and closing valves of different diameters 300 mm – 250 mm – 400 mm – 500 mm and their accessories from jaw and installation connections and so on
– Works of water lines of a diameter of 300 mm with a pressure of 25 bar connected to a water distribution station
High pressure equivalent tank, 35 meters high, of reinforced concrete
– A water station consisting of a group of service buildings (an administrative building, a mosque, a guard room, a generator building ….) and 16 water distribution points for trucks with concrete floor slabs for trucks with an area of ​​33,000 square meters with ground networks for electricity and telephone distribution, fire alarm systems and lighting poles

The project is integrated in various civil and electromechanical disciplines.

The Owner, Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Water